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Meet Bandit your Bitcoin Superhero

Whether you are a seasoned Bitcoin investor or a newbie, Bandit is your trustworthy sidekick. Bandit is not a trading platform or a bot, so YOU keep total control of your coins. We have learned to trust Bandit, and we think you will too.

So simple. Even a Raccoon can do it!

Simple colors show you exactly when Bandit wants to Get In (Green) and when Bandit wants to Get Out (Grey).

See how easy and accurate Bandit is for yourself

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Real results. 2019 has been a good year for Bandit.

Actual chart and gains from Bandit's App (chart above)

  • -0.4% In 7 Days
  • +22.4% In 21 Days
  • +37.4% In 27 Days
  • +21.4% In 20 Days

Take your Bitcoin game to the next level.

Like billions of humans around the world, Bandit doesn’t have access to basic financial services or freedoms. It’s why Bandit loves Bitcoin. It’s also why Bandit is dedicated to making it easy for you to participate in this new economy.

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You already have a wallet and are on a Digital Currency Exchange. Now all you need is Bandit.

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Got Cash?

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Follow these three easy steps to exchange cash for Bitcoin and get set up on the world's largest Digital Currency Exchange. Not ready to invest real money, set up a free account at TradingView.com and follow along or invest with $100,000 in play money. Learning something new has never been this easy or fun.

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Bandit's Mission

To re-balance and democratize the investment world, Bandit is offering the power of Coin Bandits to the first 500 users for free, forever. Bandit wants everyone to get access.

How Bandit Works

Data Science is being used successfully in the investing world and is usually only available to “elite” investment firms and rich investors. Bandit wants everyone to have access to quality Data Science at an accessible price and easy enough for the most novice or everyday investor to benefit from. Bandit is one of us.

Bandit Invests Real Money

Bandit will post on social media and place actual trades. Track Bandit's wallet and decide for yourself.

Avoid Pitfalls

Bandit helps avoid common pitfalls, fear of missing out (FOMO), overcome greed when times are good and reduce fear of getting in when things aren't rosey.


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