Updated April 16, 2018

Privacy Policy

Version 2, Revision 1

Privacy and Use of Information.

All Users and Licensees (together “Licensees”) acknowledge and agree that they (and third parties acting on Licensee’s behalf) may provide, and Coin Bandits (and third parties acting on behalf of Coin Bandits) may obtain, certain information and data with respect to Licensee (including, without limitation, personal information) in connection with this Agreement, including, without limitation, information and data provided to or obtained by Coin Bandits (or third parties acting on behalf of Coin Bandits) in connection with ordering, registration, activation, updating, validating entitlement to, auditing, monitoring Subscription of and Access to Coin Bandits Materials, Subscriptions and Services and managing the relationship with Licensee. All Licensees hereby consent to Coin Bandits maintaining, using, storing and disclosing such information and data (including, without limitation, personal information, if any) in conformity with Coin Bandits’ policies on privacy and data protection, as such policies may be updated from time to time, including without limitation Coin Bandits’ Privacy Policy, as currently located at https://www.coinbandits.com/privacy. Without limitation of the generality of the foregoing, Licensee acknowledges that and agrees that: (a) Coin Bandits may from time to time prompt Licensee (and third parties acting on Licensee’s behalf) to provide express agreement to the terms of Coin Bandits’ Privacy Policy and/or express agreement to specific uses of information and data (including, without limitation, personal information); (b) Coin Bandits may provide information and data, including, without limitation, information and data about Licensee’s use of Coin Bandits Materials, Subscriptions, and Licensee’s support requests, to Coin Bandits affiliates and other third parties in connection with the provision, maintenance, administration or usage of Coin Bandits Materials, Subscription or Services or in connection with enforcement of any agreements relating to Coin Bandits Materials, Subscription or Services; and (c) Coin Bandits may make cross-border transfers of such information and data, including to jurisdictions with privacy or data protection laws that are less protective of Licensee than the jurisdiction in which Licensee is domiciled. Licensee acknowledges and agrees that such policies may be changed from time to time by Coin Bandits and that, effective upon posting on Coin Bandits’ website Licensee will be subject to such changes.


Certain Coin Bandits Materials may facilitate or require Licensee’s access to and use of content and services that are hosted on websites maintained by Coin Bandits or by third parties. In some cases, such content and services may appear to be a feature or function within, or extension of, the Coin Bandits Materials on Licensee’s Computer even though hosted on such websites. Accessing such content or services and use of Coin Bandits Materials may cause Licensee’s Computer, without additional notice, to connect automatically to the Internet (transitorily, intermittently or on a regular basis) and to communicate with an Coin Bandits or third-party website—for example, for purposes of providing Licensee with additional information, features and functionality or to validate that the Coin Bandits Materials and/or content or services are being used as permitted under this Agreement or other applicable terms. Such connectivity to Coin Bandits websites is governed by Coin Bandits’ policies on privacy and data protection described in this policy. Such connectivity to websites of third parties is governed by the terms (including the disclaimers and notices) found on such sites or otherwise associated with the third-party content or services. Coin Bandits does not control, endorse, or accept responsibility for any such third-party content or services, and any dealings between Licensee and any third party in connection with such content or services, including, without limitation, such third party’s privacy policies, use of personal information, delivery of and payment for goods and services, and any other terms associated with such dealings, are solely between Licensee and such third party. Coin Bandits may at any time, for any reason, modify or discontinue the availability of any third-party content or services. Access to and use of certain content and services (whether of Coin Bandits or third parties) may require assent to separate terms and/or payment of additional fees.